About Us

The Nigeria South South Heritage (NGSSH) is made up of all people from the southern region of Nigeria. It is a registered non for profit organization with its own corporate number. The organization is set up with the intention on fulfilling our obligation to enrich the Canadian cultural mosaic, which will act among other things as a vehicle to facilitate our contribution to this cultural process.

Specifically, our mission includes:

  • To exhibit and promote, in a discrete and un-obstructive manner, those aspects of Nigeria culture that would contribute positively to the Canadian Cultural Mosaic.
  • To encourage a positive environment where members can get together from time to time for social and multicultural interaction.
  • To help the needy in Calgary by contributing and volunteering for other associations that meet the needs of the less fortunate in our locality.
  • To provide a cultural connection and identity, as needed, for the children of Southern Nigerian parentage and any other.
  • To create a network for rendering reasonable and acceptable assistance, as deemed fit by the Association, to members who may require support from time to time, and to new arrivals in Calgary in order to facilitate their transition.
  • To act as the focal point of a network that would function for the social and economic benefit of its members in particular and society in general.